Building Your SEO Campaign: serving Rochester NY Syracuse NY Buffalo NY

When creating an SEO Campaign, there is a lot of strategy and planning involved due to the fact that every campaign is unique. At First Page Media Group, the only thing more important than rankings is your return on investment. There are many factors that go into creating a successful SEO Campaign the of the main factors are, On-Page SEO Strategy and Off-Page SEO Strategy

On-Page SEO

Any good web team, including First Page Media Group, should be building and launching your website with good, solid on-site SEO principles. On-page SEO is the sound practice of developing good code, tagging content correctly, and building strong structure so that when Google or other search engines come to your site, they can easily read the content.

Keyword research, analysis, and recommendation

Title Tag analysis and recommendation

META Description analysis, recommendation, and creation

Image Alt Tag analysis, recommendation, and creation

Header Tag analysis, recommendation, and creation

Keyword Density analysis of current and future site content

Overall understanding of the competition and strategy recommendation

Off-Site SEO:

Off-site SEO is where the SEO battle is won. The main weapon used in Off-site SEO is building authoritative links to your site, also known as backlinking. Link building has many different facets that affect the power of each link source. Google wants to see highly true sites that they trust to link to your site.

Being Found

– Just because you build an amazing website, doesn’t mean your audience is coming. This is where the campaigns are effective. The goal in any SEO Campaign is to

help the search engines notice your website

prove relevancy

drive the right traffic

Getting Ranked

Unfortunately just being ranked at the 101st position in Google, Bing, or Yahoo will not drive much traffic to your business. Your audience is not diligently searching the deep results to find your website. If you are not being found in the top results, you’re not driving traffic. Another goal of each and every SEO Campaign is to help position your website in the top rankings so your found by your audience.

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